Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of failure often with the goal of determining corrective actions to avoid recurrence of same failure in future.

With the help of our experienced chemists, metallurgists, engineers, technicians & our rich experience of metal testing, heat treatment, metallography, knowledge of various codes, corrosion mechanism, knowledge of process & fabrication & with help of experts of other respective field, we can help you on your failure related problems.

We use analytical & mechanical procedures & follow systematic sequence of investigation procedure to know the root cause of failure. We also give metallurgy related recommendation to avoid the recurrence of failure. MET-HEAT has completed many failure investigation assignments. We meet client to plan the failure analysis before conducting the analysis. The background of failure and the general features of the actual investigation of the failure are considered before starting failure.


A complete evaluation sequence of the failure investigation steps are summarized as under,

  • Collection of background data i.e. name of component, Id no., original dimension, history of failure, details of surrounding atmosphere, original material grade etc.
  • Examination of the failed part i.e. visual examination & Photography
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Metallurgical analysis of failed material like,
    • Macro Examination (At various locations & magnifications)
    • Cutting of samples with suitable method i.e. hand hacksaw, band saw, cutoff etc.
    • Chemical analysis (i.e. bulk, localized, deposit, rust, foreign particles, coating material, micro level analysis, XRF, etc.)
    • Hardness Testing (i.e. at various locations & using various scale i.e. micro hardness to Brinell hardness)
    • Mechanical Testing (i.e. Tensile, Bend, Rebind, Impact at various temperature etc.)
    • Microstructure Analysis: At various locations, various cross sections, various magnifications with photomicrographs.
    • Inclusion content: At near & away from failure locations.
    • Analysis of loading system /fracture mechanism/Design criteria
    • Other tests, which has to be decided after the analysis results of above tests like SEM, EDAX etc.
  • Literature Survey & Experience of others
  • DISCUSSION: Analysis of all the tests performed as above are discussed for its acceptance or rejection criteria & correlating all data.
  • MOST PROBABLE CAUSE OF FAILURE: From discussion & original background data decision of most probable cause of failure is determined
  • RECOMMENDATION: To prevent such type of failure in future recommendations are given, if asked.
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