Mechanical Testing

Met Heat is offering on outstanding platform for wide range of mechanical testing of various metals & alloys since 1985. In our advanced machine shop we cut and machine various test specimens with high precision which is the most crucial step which directly affects the final results of many mechanical properties.

Our team of qualified, trained & experienced engineers & technicians are experts for performing various mechanical tests & evaluating the results with various national & international standards. Met Heat is very well equipped with variety of equipment to provide precise, reproducible & reliable results of various mechanical tests.


  • 20 kN capacity tensile testing machine with electronic extensometer
  • 400 kN capacity tensile testing machine with electronic extensometer
  • 600 kN capacity tensile testing machine with electronic extensometer
  • 1000 kN capacity tensile testing machine with electronic extensometer
  • Impact testing machine-ASTM
  • Impact testing machine-IS/BS
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester (HRA, HRB, HRC, HR 15N, HR30N)
  • Brinell Hardness Tester (Up to 3000 kg/ 10 mm diameter ball)
  • Vickers Hardness Tester (HV-5, HV-I0, HV-30, etc.)
  • Vickers Micro Hardness Tester 00 grams to 1 kg load)
  • Portable Hardness Tester (Rebound Principle)
  • Portable Hardness Tester (Ultrasonic Principle)
  • Video Measuring Machine
  • Broaching Machine
  • Erichesen Cupping testing machine.
  • High temperature tensile test furnaces
  • Various jigs & fixtures for bend testing.
  • Horizontal Band saw machine Milling, Lathe, Shaping & Surface grinder.
  • Low temperature maintaining facilities up to -196°C


  • Tensile test at Room temperature.
  • Tensile test at high temperature up to 700°C.
  • Tensile test at low temperature up to -196°C.
  • Various bend tests like root bend, faces bend, sides bend, reverse bend, parent metal bend, double bend, rebend.
  • Flattening, Flaring, Drift Expansion, Reverse flatting
  • Pullout test of mock up joints of tube to tube sheet joints
  • Cold crushing, Bulk density & Permanent linear change test of refractions
  • Charpy 'V' Notch Impact test (+ 100 to -196°C)
  • Dimension measurement test
  • Proof load of bolt
  • Full size braking of bolt
  • Proof Load of Nut
  • Brinell Hardness
  • Micro Vickers Hardness
  • Tear test, Peel test, Wrap test
  • Macro test of welded sample
  • Erichsen cupping test
  • Unit weight measu rement
  • Izod Impact test
  • Wedge load of bolt
  • Shear test of bolt
  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Vickers Hardness
  • Retem pering test of fastener
  • Cantilever test
  • Nick break test
  • Fracture test
  • Shear test of cladded plates
  • Glass content test

We can offer all above mentioned tests under all third party inspection agencies.

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