Heat-Treatment Shop


  • Electric Resistance Furnaces of sizes ( 2 ft. X 2 ft x 1 ½ ft) with temperature controller & automatic strip chart recorder.
  • Oil fired German Designed Salt bath furnaces with preheating arrangements (Size: Oil Fired/Electric Resistance furnace with 1.5 M Deep X 1.2 M wide X 1 M Height furnace). Suitable for large job with temperature controller & automatic strip chart recorder.
  • Rockwell hardness tester for HRB & HRC scale.
  • Portable Integrated Hardness Tester for checking hardness of big jobs.

Other than these major items we have number of fixtures, thermocouples, controllers & recorders to take job at my shape & size.

Services Available

  • Annealing of all ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Normalizing of all ferrous metals & alloys
  • Through Hardening of ferrous metals & alloys
  • Stress Reliving of welded items
  • Solution Annealing of austenic stainless steel
  • Heat Treatment in Inert - gas atmosphere
  • Heat-Treatment in Salt - Bath furnaces to avoid scaling of items
  • Annealing of Copper & Brass
  • We can provide above stated all serviced under any third party instruction.

Calibration Schedule

    All the instruments which require regular calibration like Thermocouples, Temp. Indicator, & Controller, Furnaces & Hardness Tester are regularly calibrated as per our calibration schedule.

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